Monday, October 20, 2008


First, I would like to thank a few people! Camps for going through all the red tape to get a pump track built in Chambersburg with the help of the town. You really did something special for your community! MBM for their hard work. Ben who really does dig good! Great job on the design and making it fun for all ages and ability levels. Finally, to the guys and gals in suits that said yes to Camps idea!

I had been following the project though the blog world always hoping to visit when it was complete. Sorry, I was not around to help I live 3 1/2 hours away. The in-laws live in Dillsburg and I knew that Luke and I would visit on Farmers Fair weekend. More on the fair in a future post. On Sat. morning Luke and I drove the 45 min. from the Dill to Chambersburg. When we pulled up I will never forget the excitment in Luke's voice as he looked out his window at the pump track. For those readers who do not know what a pump track is it is a small version of a motocross or BMX track that a rider uses their momentum to create and keep speed. We unloaded the bikes and helmets from the car and took our first runs. It was just really FUN! I was riding a pump track with my 4 year old and we both were having a blast. We did as many laps as we could in 3 hours. Yes, Luke rode it for 3 hours and did not want to leave.

Sunday morning at 7:30am I wake up to Luke in my face saying "lets go to the pump track". Yes we made the drive from the Dill again on Sunday. Another three hours of smiles. On both days we also meet some really cool people. It was nice to talk to like minded people. Rob were ever you are I love the Patterson Racing BMX bike from the 80's, and thanks for the ride on your pro stock 24 in. Schwinn.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I look forward to a visit in the near future! This has also made the decision for me to build my own pump track to go along with the singletrack at school.


camps said...

Glad you made it out.
Nice photos, your kid looks like a little ripper.

It really wasn't that hard to get this built here. The Rec. Board and the Town Council were unanimously in favor. The only hard work was in the contract language, and raising our share of the money.

having one at your school sounds really cool.

rick is! said...

holy smokes, 4 years old and riding on a pump track. I guess I'd better get my 3 yr old crackin.